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3D Library
We have many 3D models/pointclouds in our collection. Most of them are designed with texture and shade. we deal seriously with everyone to make sure they are perfect for crystal engraving. We are glad to share with you :)
2D to 3D Conversion
We can turn photos of people into 3D Heads or Busts. It is no necessary to scan faces with 3d-camera in your shop. Just send a frontal facial image and we can turn it into a 3D head (for crystal engraving). The results are all phenomenal.
360° 3D Model Design
With more expression and liveliness, Taking texture, light and shades under consideration,The stunning result is a subsurface crystal engraving which is even more realistic and lively.
 Why Choosing Us
Competitive prices
Quick turnaround time
Reliable Service
All kinds of design support
  IF you are looking for high quality 3D models for crystal engraving, you came to the right place.
  We are a professional design studio. And what we aim to achieve is simple and easy, let you get high-quality 3d model in a time efficient and cost effective way.
  Crystalib is open to our partners, we are glad to share our design and collections . Join us now :-)

  We can make High-quality 3D conversion, from a 2D image. it can be portrait, full body, or pets, architectures and so on.  
we also offer High-quality 360° 3D Model Design ......